Monday, November 26, 2012

The Gift of Learning

Ever heard of

Being able to learn is a great gift!  My kids probably wouldn't agree with that on cold November mornings as I'm hurrying them out the door to school but the older you get the more you become interested in our world and the less time you have to invest in learning more.  Well I recently was introduced to   Through this website you are allowed to take FREE, on-line courses.  They are offered through some of the most prestigious colleges in the country.....John Hopkins, Stanford, Duke University just to name a few.  Some offer certificates upon completion but you do not receive college credit.  To learn is a gift.   For anyone wanting to return to college because they weren't able to finish or look into a different type of degree, this may be something you can try before spending thousands of dollars just to "see" if you like it.   It does take time, it has homework, peer assessments, and video lectures.  All of the courses I have taken have been very informative and well done.  I am just completing the course 'Economics of Obesity' through John Hopkins University.  I have learned that knowledge is the greatest motivator in life.  Learn something and then teach it to someone else.  We can all help each other in the desire to have a healthy lifestyle.

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