Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

Why what you weigh has more do to with what you think than what you eat....

When I got married food took on a whole new dimension for me.  I came from a large family who "Ate to Live" so food really wasn't and isn't that big of a deal for me.  My husband came from a family who "Lived to Eat" and food was and still is the center of EVERYTHING.  

For Thanksgiving this year our two families are merging and having "the Feast" together.  I talk to my sisters and brothers and they talk about what crafts we should pull together for the kids, whether the weather will be good enough for a football game and what games and puzzles we can do while we are together.  I talk to my husband's family and they are worried about what kind of pies we will have, who is making the sweet potatoes and what recipe they are using and if there will be enough food for everyone.  Which of these sounds like your family? 

How we think about food is usually evident in how we look and feel.   My family has a long history of ancestors who lived to be 100 years old and died of old age instead of illness or disease.  I grew up living off of what grew out of the ground more than what roamed around.  My husband's family suffers from Diabetes, Heart Ailments and other illnesses.  My Father-in-Law lost two of his sisters this past summer both due to poor health and disease and my in-laws are currently looking to move into a different home that will be able to accomodate him as he becomes more dependent on needing a wheelchair full-time because of his diabetes.   How do you think about food?  Is it the center of everything you do?  How do your children think about food?  Do they use it as comfort, do they eat out of boredom, do they use it to fill a void?  Take a step back and take a look at your relationship with food.  Do you "Eat ot Live" or "Live to Eat", and what does that mean for your future and your children's?

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