Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grab and friend and get healthy together!

Meal Sharing Idea

Did you know that it is easier to be successful at something when you have someone you have to be accountable to?   Recently a friend called and asked if I would be interested in helping her out..."Sure," I replied.   Little did I know how much she would really be helping me.  She expressed her frustration and being so busy that dinner time was always a last ditch effort on her part and she found that her kids would come home from school and snack on cereal and Ramen noodles to tie them over until dinner.  After her exhausting day at work she would find herself at a loss on "What to make for dinner?"   Usually in an effort to pull something together her kids would snack their way through the evening and she usually gave up and let them eat whatever they could find.  Sound familiar??  It has occurred in our home more than once and seems to happen more and more as kids sporting events and activities increase with age.   She had the idea of doing a "Healthy Meal Sharing" adventure.  We recruited one more mom and together decided to each take a night of the week to prepare a main dish and side dish for each of the three families.  Making one meal three times as big once a week was WAY easier than three separate meals.  My night was Wednesday.  Monday arrived and my kids were excited to see what was for dinner.  Dinner arrived between 3 and 4 pm with a recipe card of ingredients and instructions to reheat if necessary.  DELICIOUS!  The best part.....I didn't have to make it, and it was healthy!   Some of my kids loved it, some liked it, some didn't like it, but everyone had to try it.  We have been doing meal sharing now for a few months and I love the surprise healthy dinners.....everything from a Turkey with Black Beans and Sweet Potato Chili to Butternut Squash Bisque. We have tried all kinds of new foods, some good, some not....but all better than cereal!   :)    Find a friend, a neighbor or a relative and be creative in being healthy together!

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