Thursday, January 2, 2014

Small Habit Changes!


The most common New Year's Resolutions revolve around a Healthy Lifestyle.  Right now we are being bombarded with ways to implement our New Year's Resolution.  Resolutions are good but the amount of information out there is too complicated to sift through.  So here is some advice to keep it simple....

First off, pick one habit and look at it as a healthy necessary habit, a long-term habit.

Second, look at what it is you want to change.  Eating Habits, Exercise Habits, Lowering your Stress Levels, Getting More Sleep.

Third, Be Specific!!!  Here are some examples:  I will bring an apple to eat for my afternoon snack instead of hitting the vending machine.  I will take a quick walk in the afternoon when I start to get hungry and crave sweets.  I will listen to relaxing music or an audio book on my way home from work to de-stress from the day.  I will go to bed 15 minutes earlier even if I have to put my kids to bed earlier.

Fourth, expect it to be difficult and don't let perfection be the only outcome.  You are going to struggle and maybe not do well one day. Cut yourself some slack and try again the next day.  Don't give up!

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