Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Healthy Living = Healthy Life

Small Changes can bring Lifelong Habits

It isn't the major decisions we make that usually give us the thing we need or want the most,  it is the little daily decisions that add up in the end which make a difference.  When we talk about our health,  living healthy isn't determined by one major decision.   A lot of  people get on the "get healthy" bandwagon every January and will make some big decisions, like buying a gym membership, to help them improve their lives.  Major overhauls occur in the month of January and usually are forgotten by March.   Why is this?  Ask yourself this question, would I work 5 jobs at once to make a lot of money?  Would I take 12 classes in college this semester so I can finish my degree faster?  NO!  Why do we take ridiculous steps to improve our health only to feel like failures in a couple of months.  Slow down and make daily conscience choices that can change your health.  Did you know that cutting out the butter on one piece of buttered toast every day cuts a whopping 22,464 calories in a year?  That is equal to almost 6 pounds of body weight!  By making only a small change.  You may not like the taste of unbuttered toast but you would get used to it within a week and you would like that your jeans could be looser.  I think the benefits far outweigh the buttered toast, don't you?  Make small changes, they stick and are easier to take on.   Set a goal and be specific, for instance "I will cut out sugar".....This is a tough one!  But doable!  Take it slow and cut sugar out for a day then the next day eat some sugar, do that every other day for a couple of weeks.  Then switch to no sugar for two days in a row, then a sugar day, then back to two days without sugar.  Repeat for a couple weeks and then go to three days in a row with no sugar and keep going until you only have one day with sugar.  This is just an example of how you can incorporate a small change into a lasting habit that can benefit your health. 

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