Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Goals and how to keep them!

Time for Change
As with some recent years, this year brings no exception to the number of people that want to make a change.  As I prepare to teach a Healthy Living Class I posed a couple of questions to the class for them to consider.  I thought this would also be a good opportunity to ask you the same questions.  Answer these questions about yourself:  1. What is your biggest obstacle in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?   2. What excuses do you use to not exercise or eat right?  Both of these questions will give you insight to yourself.  For most people the biggest hurdle they have to face to live a healthy lifestyle is themselves.    Sometimes we spend a greater amount of time making excuses than we would to just do what we need to do. 

You need to face your personal obstacles and excuses and then get specific about overcoming them.   Here is an example:   My biggest obstacle is eating chips after dinner.  My plan is to (now be specific)  Make myself some steamed edamame with sea salt to curb my after-dinner salt cravings and then brush my teeth.  When we get specific then we have a plan, and when we have a plan it is easy not to fall into unhealthy habits we have created for ourselves.  So, 1. Find your obstacles, 2. Be specific about how to conquer them, and 3. Follow a plan of attack.  Good Luck!

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