Monday, February 4, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen!!

Teaching kids to cook healthy......

I was recently in a public restroom and noticed something that I had never seen before.  Right in front of the mirrors secured to the sink was a depository for insulin needles.  I have to say I was taken by complete surprise.  Actually, I was kindof mad.  I don't want my children growing up thinking that getting diabetes was a "normal" part of life.   How sad! There are certain things that move a person to action and this did it for me.   As a big believer in "Knowledge being a great Motivation", I tried to figure out a fun way to teach my kids how to be healthy in life.  So I took it to a place I enjoy being.....the kitchen.   When I was young I took 4-H and really enjoyed it so I figured I could use a similar technique and teach my daughter and some friends how to cook healthy. 

I found some old 4-H manuals on-line and revamped them to a "healthy" cooking class.  We invited 4 other seven year-old girls and are nearing the end of the 12 week classes. We have gone over everything from measuring with the right tools to knife skills (a little scary!), to planning and preparing for a party.  It has been quite an adventure and a great learning tool.   The girls have all learned a lot (and I have learned just how much I can handle). I has been fun for us and maybe it will be a springboard for you to spend a little time teaching healthy life skills to your children too.  Good Luck!

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