Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Month = No regrets with Resolutions!

New Games on our Games Page!!!


February is here and a lot of our resolutions are gone but the resolution to make a change in your lifestyle can still keep moving forward.  Continue to make small changes that bring BIG results.  Don't get down on yourself and don't be hard on yourself if you fail one day......tomorrow is a new day, so start again.  We have some new exercises ideas for you and your kids on our EXERCISE PAGE, we have wonderful cinnamon recipes on our RECIPE PAGE and some great links through the FUN FACTS page to learn more about a healthy lifestyle.  Check them out and find out what our expert doctor has to say to help you get through the winter easier on our DOCTOR'S TIPS page. 

We will be having our Couch to 5K posted at the end of February so please watch for that.

Also, at school there will be a jumprope contest in the classes and an assembly for the middle school students on the dangers of energy drinks!

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