Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall back....but not into old habits!

As we prepare to hunker down for the winter it is important to keep some good habits we have made and try not to fall into old ones that seem so comfortable. 

This fall is the perfect time to set up some new habits.  Habits are something that become second nature to us.  Take an overview of your life and look at the areas that you struggle the most in.  Is it eating a good breakfast, exercising everyday, getting enough sleep, spending quality time with your family, or taking time to relax and unwind.  We all struggle and our struggles change or increase as quickly as the seasons.  If you try to take on too much at one time you will most likely fail.  Pick one thing, just one, and try to come up with a way to conquer it. 

Let's say for example, you don't feel like you have enough quality time with your family, especially your children.   You may feel like the only conversations you have with them are ones that tell them to do things....."Do your homework, pick up your shoes, brush your teeth, be nice to your sister, quit playing video games".  All of these things only leave us as parents who instruct but are not engaged.  All this can change with a little change in our attitudes, language and maybe some time management.   Try to change your mindset a little and look at the time that we have as parents as short and foundational for them.  The things they learn from us will help form them into who they become and how they treat other people.  Through my many years of trial and error (mainly error) my mantra has become......Overlook what you can, deal with what you have to, and pour love into every decision you make so that you look back with no regrets. We struggle in our house everyday with something or another but trying to keep things in the right perspective helps us get through. 

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